Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I am a human pin cushion!

So I have all kinds of crap that I have to get done before I start nursing school. Today's fun task was getting a physical and immunizations. They drew like 6 vials of blood, I got a shot in my left deltiod, a shot in my right deltoid and then another in my forearm. Man oh man, I am human pun cushion. I am so happy that they said I'd be sore tomorrow, I can't wait!
Oh but it'll all be worth in the end!

Friday, July 6, 2007

Speedy Recovery...I can't believe it

So its been just a little over a week since I had my Gall Bladder removed and I can't believe how great I feel. I mean the heck can I heal so fast?! I am not complaining in the least, but it sure makes me wonder about how fascinating the human body is and how advanced surgeries have become. I was a skeptic when I 1st got home, because I felt like total crap and my abs felt like I had done a million sit-ups. I was super bloated and looked like I was about 6 months PG. Everything is getting back to normal now tho', which is fabulous. I really want to get my ass back to the gym, but the Dr. said 3 weeks! Blah, I feel fine! I guess I could go and walk on the least I'd feel like I was getting something done.
I've taken all of the tape off of my "holes" and now I have rash. It itches like crazy, thank goodness for Benadryl cream or I'd scratch my belly off. I swear I had to look like a total goon when I was shopping at the grocery yesterday. It was itching so bad that and I was walking around with my buggy scratching my belly, so nonchalantly of course. I felt so primal. Anyway, I am glad that it is healing quickly...yet it still amazes me.