Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tough Choices

It seems that it has happened: I have met 2 great guys at the exact same time and now I have to choose between them. Why does it have to be this way? How often is it that you meet two great people at the exact same time? The problem is that they are both so different from each other that a comparision is difficult. One makes me feel extremely comfortable and we can talk about anything with out feeling funny. The other one makes me all nervous and wondering. One is blue collar, one owns his own business. One calls/texts all of the time, one calls sporadically. One has kissed me/one hasn't yet (but I want him to). One is shy, one is outgoing. Both have a pet (a bonus in my book for both). One knows about my desire to have kids someday, one doesn't even know about it yet. Oh the dilemma about figuring it all out.

Monday, February 15, 2010


Tulips are blooming in Holland Michigan!
No they are not, they are blooming in a pot on my coffeetable.
Yesterday I met the eharmony guy for a fun time at Winterblast and he surprised me with some tulips. I was taken completely by surprise, but in a pleasant way. I guess I didn't need to even need to go and buy myself some V-day flowers ;).
We had a great time at the Winterblast. It's nice to see good/fun things happening in Downtown Detroit. My favorite part about the night was getting semi-lost in trying to find the parking garage and snuggling up next to his arm because it was so darn cold.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

The great "call in" debate

I had a conversation with my gay BF Juston the other day about work and he really got me a little crazy.
A few weeks ago he had invited me to go play "drag queen" bingo next weekend. I am scheduled to work and he suggested that I call in and go. I explained to him that I don't "call in", I never call in. Its not in my work ethic to call in and I can't even imagine it. It really frustrates me when other people call in as well. If people just came in when they are scheduled, there would never be a reason to have to scramble and call everyone to try and cover the shift. The downfall to it all, is that if no one can be found to work, the person who was supposed to be replaced by the no show has to stay and get stuck working. Sometimes its just for a few hours, sometimes its for a whole other shift.
Juston's rationale for calling in and not feeling bad about it is that, on call employee's could just be called to cover the shift. I tried to explained to him that, where I work, that isn't the case and even if it were, its still wrong. I mean he wanted me to call in so I could go play drag queen bingo, which is so wrong in my book. If I were to ever call in, I better have a death in the family or be extremely sick.
I went on the further explain that I wouldn't hire him to work for me. It kind of struck a chord with him and he was offended. The conversation got a little heated from there and I stood my ground. I am confident that I'd be justified in "shit canning" any employees I hire if they call in often. His rationale again was "well you have to take the good employees with the bad", you can't have ALL good one's. My thought was, "Why the hell not?" Is it too much for me to expect my employee's to show up when scheduled? Am I being naive?
In this enconomy, having a well paying and steady job is a blessing and something to be proud of. If you don't care about it, then maybe you shouldn't have one and maybe you need to realize what it is like to not have one and can appreciate it after it is gone.

The Chinese New Year

Here is my horoscope for today: An influx of social calls will probably make you feel quite popular today. It could be difficult choosing between all the parties and gatherings to which you are invited. It may suit you better, though, to pick a quiet evening with a lover instead, enjoying each other's company over a candlelit, gourmet dinner for two.

Too bad, I don't have any prospects, but it sure sounds nice.

It's Valentine's Day and I was hoping to be someone else's Valentine. I realize that it is just a day like all of the other's but it is nice to feel special. It's nice to get flowers. Maybe I'll just have to go buy some flowers for myself.

I had a very impromptu and unexpected date yesterday. I was online checking my profile and lists of potentials and I got a message from a guy. It was funny and I replied back. Then we started chatting, within 2 hours I met him for breakfast and had a good time. He is from the area and was giving me history funny tidbits about the new city I call home. The even funnier part about it all, is that he literally lives across the street from me. We chatted for a a few hours over breakfast. He was a really nice guy.

Last night I had another date with a guy that I met on Eharmony. I like him a lot, but I am beginning to wonder how he feels. I mean he hasn't even tried to kiss me, touch my hand or anything and we've been on 5 dates. I am extremely shy when it comes to putting on the moves and I just bring myself to plant one on him. I was just thinking about it and rationalizing that there really hasn't been an opportunity, but last night there was and still NOTHING :(. I suspect the gum chewing (his)after the movie was a good sign and it might have happened, but it didn't and I wish it would. I am planning on seeing him again today, so maybe I'll have good things to report.

Friday, February 5, 2010

The dating game

So as you know, I am back in the saddle again and am dating. It has been interesting and fun, but weird at the same time. Its almost like there are some unspoken rules to all of it and I am not sure how to follow the rules. Do I call the next day? Do I email? How about kissing...are there rules to that? When is too soon to say "hey, let's watch a movie at my/your place?" There is so much stigma to online dating as well as regular dating, that it can often be scary and awkward. Do I tell him my last name? Will he stalk me? I feel so new to all of this that my head is spinning. Hopefully I'll figure it all out soon. I have been on 4 dates with this one guy that I like so we'll see.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The laundromat people

So my new place doesn't have a washer and I spent my 1st time doing laundry at my mom's for 8 hours. Well there is a laundromat across the street, so I decided to do it all there. $22 later!, it was done. I don't think I'll be doing that again. A few more weeks of $22 loads of laundry and I could totally find a nice washer on Craigslist. So I will definitely be looking for one next week after pay day.
Whilst doing laundry, I met an interesting woman who decided to chat it up with me for a bit. She was bitter and angry about just getting let go from her job at Walmart. She was a cake decorator. I can't believe that being a cake decorator at Walmart paid so well....she was making $18 an hour. Holy!
Also at the laundromat was a cute little old man who walked so slow and I was praying that he just didn't drop on the floor in front of me. Did you know, that if that were to happen and I didn't do anything, I might likely be liable for not helping, since I am a healthcare professional. Somedays I wish I was just a normal Joe, who didn't know anything and could be oblivious.
There was also the mexican grandma/grandson, the eyeballing blonde and the asian owner, who doesn't believe in heating the place. All in all it was an interesting experience. I hope not to be going back anytime soon.