Monday, November 5, 2012

Bucket List Cross off

Well the likeliness of the Detroit Tigers making it to the World Series was a possibly when we were playing the Yankees. My husband said to me "if they make it to the world series, I'd like to try and get tickets." My thought on the whole idea was a little negative. First off, how were we going to be able to afford the tickets and secondly, would I even be able to get any. The morning of the sale I logged onto 2 computers. I was put into a "virtual waiting room" and alas my computer beeped...I was in. My heart was racing with anticiptaion! I chose 2 tickets and got an error. 2 tickets were unavailable. I tried to back out and got booted from the waiting room. So I tried again and got in again! This time I chose 2 tickets, best available. Nothing! Then I tried 3 tickets and voila, I was able to buy tickets. I didn't need 3 tickets, but I didn't want to risk getting booted out of the system again. Sadly our poor Detroit Tigers didn't win the world series or even win a GAME in the series, but it was still a chance of a lifetime. Here are a few pictures of my husband and I at the game.
So excited to be at the World Series October 28th, 2012!
Damn was it cold! 43 degrees, windy and rainy!
After the loss...our sad pouty faces