Thursday, January 28, 2010

When will it happen...

So I have gone on 3 dates with this guy and things are great. We have tons to talk about all of the time and the conversation never gets boring. He makes me laugh and I find myself smiling when I think of him. Its not a problem, but I guess I'll really know if I "like him, like him", when I kiss him. Yep, that's right you heard me, 3 dates and no kissing...yet ;). I am not really sure quite why it hasn't happened, but I am getting a little anxious about it. How much pressure I am putting on a 1st kiss?
Everyone at work is up in my business on my dating and keeps asking me if I like this guy and I do, a lot. I keep telling them, that I'll "really" know when I kiss him. Maybe next week ;).

Thursday, January 21, 2010


After being in my new place for nearly a month, I am beginning to have a little bit of perspective on my life. I really thought that having space is what I wanted and in many parts that is true. However, now that I have space, I feel terribly alone.

I have never lived alone (except for my 5 month stint in Germany), I have always had a roommate and now being alone is really weird for me. I thought that I would enjoy it, but the truth is, I am struggling with it a little bit. Maybe it will get better when I move Smudge in and he will be here for company, but I am skeptical.
Being a bachelorette, I find myself rarely cooking because it seems pointless to cook something and have leftovers for 3 days. I don't like leftovers enough to want to eat them for 3 days. I am content with Mac and Cheese or a bowl of cereal.

I have jumped into the dating pool again. I am trying EHarmony this time and have a 3 month trial set up. I have had 3 dates already (2 with 1 guy and one other) and things have been going well. Dating is so weird...I am not sure I like it either. I am a one person type of gal and dating a few different people is stepping outside of my comfort zone. The dates have been nothing serious, so I should feel comfortable, but I am feeling a bit weird about it. I actually had a date tonight. After talking with him on the phone the day before I was tempted to call and cancel, but I figured what to do I have to lose, I'll go. He was nice in person, but still terribly shy. I felt like I was doing all of the talking/questioning. I wonder if I was ever that shy? 1st dates are so awkward.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Being short sucks!

Well I went to my 1st concert of 2010 last weekend, it was a great show. Aside from the fact that I always get stuck sitting or standing behind the "tall guy". What kind of luck is that? It always happens to me. City in Colour was a great show, even with all of the "Canadian's" in the crowd.
I am not sure what it is about Dallas Green's voice that makes me feel what he is singing about. There are times when he just sounds so tortured, but I totally get it. I can't wait to see what else this year's concerts bring.
Here is a photo of the "hoser" that I had to sit behind. I wanted to tap him on the shoulder and say "Ahem, I am a nurse and I just wanted to let you know that when you go outside the change in temperature is going to make you sick." But I didn't, I just bitched about him the entire show and I had to do the "lean".

Saturday, January 16, 2010


I can't believe how much $$ I spent today. It was like $100 at every place I went. I'll be happy when I am finally settled in and have everything I need. Buying all of this nickle and dime crap is killing me. Today it was shopping mostly for decor. I got new pillows for my NEW bed, an entertainment center, some new scrubs for work and a bunch of different paintings/photos for my walls.
I have just about one room down that is only 4 more to go!
I can't wait to be able to enjoy this place.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Its all new

Well 2010, I am ready for you. I expect great things from you.
I have a new place, a new career and a new outlook on life. Well not really a new one, but an "enhanced outlook" on my life and I what I expect for myself.
I am going to not worry about my ever ticking biological clock. I am going to lose 10 pounds. I am going pay off some bills. 2010, will be a great year.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Planet Fitness

So I keep hearing the commercials on the Radio for planet fitness, so today I went and signed up. How can you beat a $1 sign up fee and only $10 a month?! I need to get my hiney in gear and drop a few more lbs. and tone up. I am thankful that since I have started working, I have lost 12 pounds! It was a 12 pounds that also required a very little effort to do, since it has natural for me to run my butt off at work. There is a girl that I work with that has encouraged me to sign up here and says that we can go together as motivation, so it seems like plan. Even if we don't go together, I can still get some time in by myself and at $10 a month, it is far less than buying some piece of equipment that will likely collect dust in my basement. I am excited to work least I am for now.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

In like Flynn

Well I am moved in...but still not unpacked really. It is going to be a long process. I have been having a blast buying lamps, rugs and bathroom stuff. Painting has been fun and I am in LOVE with my living room. I went outside of the box and painted one of the walls a dark looks awesome. I am equally in love with the accent wall of my bedroom which is called surfer and reminds me of a carribean ocean. The other walls painted in the bedroom were a bust, my banana split yellow, ended up looking like a light neon green! So I repainted it a color called cork (i was envisioning a sun and sand type of room), but it looks orangy. Its a fine color, but not what I was going for. I think it will all work together though once I get my bedroom furniture. It is being delivered tomorrow and I am WAY excited about it. I can't wait to sleep in a big girl bed again.
Its been a piecemeal process of getting everything together. Picture will come soon. Til then I'll be unpacking and sorting...ugh. All of my scrap stuff is going to be the best/worst, but I can't wait to play with it all again soon.