Wednesday, October 27, 2010

On Bedrest :(

So I woke up on Monday morning at 6 am to let the dog out and my back was a little sore. No big deal, I had been pulling weeds and digging up some dead bushes in Dave's front yard. I went back to bed and when I got up again around 11-ish, I could barely move. I was going to let the dog out, but I stopped to pick up a few things off of the floor and wham...i couldn't move without excruating pain in my lower back. So there I was stuck on the floor, with a giddy puppy, sitting on a pile of dirty clothes, crying. I was miserable. I managed to scoot my bottom across the floor and into the hallway. Stewie (my puppy) wandered into Steve's room (my Boyfriends roommate) and got him up. So there was on the floor crying in agony and Steve offered to help me. All i asked of him was to let the dog out. He called Stewie to follow him down the stairs, he'd take a few steps and come right back to his momma, he wasn't gonna leave me. How fricking cute is THAT. Dogs are SO loyal it amazes me. Steve finally had to pick him up to take him outside. While he was outside I managed to get my self into the bathroom, which was not a minute to soon I might add.
I texted Dave and he came home to help me. He gave me Motrin 800 and Flexeral and fixed me some peanut butter toast, so I didn't get an upset tummy from the meds. He piled all of the pillows up on my side of the bed so i could be comfy, brought me some soda and told me to call him or Steve if I needed anything. I slept most of the try and aignore my aching back. I called into work, because I couldn't move, going to the bathroom was a major event. I managed to work my way downstairs for dinner and was back into bed for the night. He grabbed a bunch of stuff from my house for me and was SO accomodating. My man is da BOMB! He has been the best.
I went to urgent care today and they were pretty helpful. I think the shot of solumedrol and the shot of toradol in each hip was the key. I can now stand up like a human being! It was awful sitting in the car to get to the Dr., but it was worth it. Unfortunately, i had to call off work again. I HATE doing that, because I know that it screws other people over, plus I love my job.
I should be ready to go back to work tonight...i can't stand lying here in bed.
It is truly a blessing to find such an awesome guy who can/will take care of me when I am under the weather, it truly shows how awesome he is, I am SO lucky.