Tuesday, October 28, 2008

2008 Year in far

So I've been thinking about scrapping a lot lately...I miss it terribly. I look at the work of my friends and envy it...envy their time, their talent and their drive to make new things. I've never scrapped a year in review and I since so much has happened in my life, I thought I should start thinking about all of the things that have happened to me this year and start a its way easier to scrap.
Here is my list so far:
I fell in love
I saw a C-section birth
I went parasailing
I got divorced
I moved in with a friend
I packed up my life and put it in storage
I had a colonoscopy
I saw open heart surgery
I went to Beaver Island
I made new friends
I reconnected with old friends
I tried internet dating
I dyed my hair red
I lost 15 lbs.
I cried
I laughed
I loved
I lived
I joined weight watchers
I got a Wii
I moved back home
I got a new cell phone
I became addicted to Facebook
I saw Jason Mraz in concert
I climbed a fence in high heeled boots when I was drunk
I started over
I picked up the pieces
I felt elated
I felt relieved
I felt scared
I felt sad
I felt loved
I saw twins come into this world
I spoke German to a patient
I donated 10 bags of clothes to the Salvation Army
I rolled my car over 100,000 miles
I went canoeing
I went to Cedar Point
I sent out endless resumes, looking for a hospital job
I turned down a hospital job
I chatted online with my friends
I went to the Florida Keys
I tie-dyed
I went for Dim Sum
I got new glasses
I studied
I passed
I failed
I tried harder
I went to a Tiger's game
I went to my 1st game at the "Big House"
I scrapped (a little)
I read new books
I worked out
I biked
I played tennis
I went to a funeral (RIP uncle Dave)
I won a scholarship
I was busy
I realized how much my family loves me
I realized how short life really is
I realized how great life can be
I also realized how bad it can be.

This is just a beginning I have 2 more months left to think of more things and add them to the list.

The calm before the storm...

Or so it feels like. I am in the 2nd week of school and everything is going fine...too fine really. I am waiting for the huge shit-storm to hit...I know it will soon. BLAH. Pretty soon it will be all exams, careplans and stressing about it all.
I kind of like feeling relaxed even if its only for a week. I wish it wasn't going to end so soon.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Go blue!

Well my 1st U of M game at the "Big House". It was an experience to say the least. Even being in Ann Arbor...on game day was an experience for me. I found myself all wide-eyed and jaw left hanging seemed apparently obvious, that I missed something HUGE by staying at home to go to college.

The game started out looking to be promising for U of M...but then it was all down hill. Too many fumbles...too many sacks, it was embarrassing to say the least. While we all know that U of M's football team is restructing and getting into it's groove, it was still almost comical to watch at times.
I felt a little bit like being in catholic church at times...learning when to stand up and sit down, learning when to cheer and sing the fight song. I felt all self conscience at first...but then by about the 3rd quarter I was getting it.
The crowd was awesome, all decked out in blue and gold...but then of course, we had to have some Illinois fans right behind us, it was terribly annoying, I wish they were in the cheap seats, they almost ruined my day.
Hopefully I'll get to go again soon.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


I feel like I am drowning in school right now...barely surviving. I can't get a passing score on my exams to save my life! Its totally terrible and I am having a hard time dealing with it all.
I have this huge fear of failure and the consequences that will follow along with them. With as much determination I have to keep pushing foward, trying harder and trying to make it all work, I still have the doubt in the back of my head. Will it all ever come together? Will this all make sense soon? How am I ever going to be nurse IRL?
So yes, failing a class is the worse thing that can happen to me and it would be a setback, but is it that terrible really? It feels like it is, but in reality it isn't. I hate having all of my eggs in one basket (or bookbag, for that matter), I feel like I have no control. I need to get control, suck it up and make it through this semester...I just hope its not too late.