Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dinner Conversations

Last friday I went out with Dave and we had a pizza. It was a fairly casual place and has great pizza. I have no idea how, but we ended up discussing celebrities. This then turned into the age old question, which celebrities would you bone if you could?
Not the most appropriate topic for dinner discussion, but like most things with Dave and I, everything open and out there for the talking. I was fairly surprised by his answers which were: Monica Lewinsky, Diane Sawyer and Jennifer Love Hewitt. Monica Lewinsky, are you serious? I cracked up. To each their own I suppose. But then I got to thinking and mine aren't the typical men either. My answers were: Seth Rogen, Pete Sampras, JFK Jr. and Matthew McConaughey. I am sure most people would think, Seth Rogen are you serious...but I think he is totally adorable.
Our conversation then came to who would like to hang out with, dead or alive, just to hang out in a non sexual way? My answer was Chris Farley, I think he would have been hilarious to have as a buddy.
At the table next to us was an Indian family and i was watching them during most of the meal. I commented on how I really like their family structure. I like how the children respect and take care of the parents and how the family is large and does stuff together and seem to enjoy each other's company. What happened to our values and an american family? Did we ever have this? It was a little puzzling to me to think about it all. What is an American family and what values do we teach our children? was too much for one dinner. Dave and I both agreed that most cultures have this sense of family pride, except for americans, it made me a little sad.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Are you serious?

I am fairly sure that things can't get any better than they are right now. I have a great job, a cool place to live, good health, a wonderful family and a fabulous man. I feel so lucky to have it all.
Things with Dave and I are fantastic. He is everything I ever wanted and more. Who knew I'd find someone that lived across the street. I just got back from a mini vaca in vegas and I missed him terribly. Not terribly, like I couldn't live without him, but terribly in everything I did and where I went, I thought of him and how much he would have enjoyed being there. When I got home, I went straight to his house and I felt electric. I wasn't a winner at ALL in I guess that I can't be lucky in every area of my life.