Friday, August 20, 2010

The follow through

I am so excited and proud of myself.
Last year, when I got my 1st nursing job at the nuring home, I said to myself and many other's around me, "I'm going to work here for a year and then get a job in the hospital". Well I did it!
I was hired a few weeks ago at Huron Valley Sinai. I start on Monday. It is so exciting and rewarding on following through on my dreams!

Monday, August 16, 2010


I have often wondered and have become increasing perplexed by the number of Healthcare professionals that smoke.
My workplace is a huge example and it makes me worry/giggle at the same time. I have never smoked, so maybe that is why I just don't get it. But as healthcare professionals and knowing even more so the dangers of smoking 1st hand, why do they do it?
I think it's just for the 15 minute break, which is also sad in its own right!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

On the road to nowhere

I just had 5 days off and it was wonderful.
It was so nice to not have any plans and just pick up and go where the wind blows. My 5 days started off with a canoe/camping trip which was fun like always. I love spending time with my family and friends. No major injuries down the river either. Dave managed to not steer me into too many tree branches or cause me any injuries, which is always a plus.
The weekend was quite interesting. My grandpa was talking marriage for me and Dave, which cracks me up. Its pretty cool to see how much more supportive my family is of this newer relationship than they were in the past. I guess it shows that we are great together. Its so nice to finally have a relationship in which we BOTH adore one another and not just one way around. I do adore him...terribly, more than I think he knows.
After the canoe trip, we had 2 days to do whatever we we went exploring. We went to Marshall, michigan and saw all of the older homes. It would be awesome to live there someday. Its so nice to see some history.
We stayed in a jacuzzi hotel room that night and relaxed. The jacuzzi was a nice relief for all of the bug bites I acquired this weekend. We hadn't planned anything for tuesday and Dave decided that I our vacation wasn't over. We headed up to Frankenmuth and Birch Run for some outlet shopping and dinner. I was so tired from the day that i slept all of the way home in the car. It was a fabulous 5 days off!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The great Tattoo debate

Called me old fashioned, but I am not excited about tattoo's. Yes I do have a tiny little one on my back and yes, I am contemplated getting another one, but I think they are getting out of control. I am getting SO tired of people crying about being accepted in society no matter what. Social stigma's exist everywhere around us and its gonna happen.
I have this great tattoo debate with one of my friends on a regular basis everytime I see him. He's in nursing school and REALLY wants to work in pediatrics when he's done. While we were on vacation together he got his first tattoo on his wrist, which I wasn't to keen on. I was much more worried about what it might do to this chances to do what he loves in the future. The next one he got was on his forearm, a huge faux pax if you ask me.
This where the old fashioned part of me comes out and I sound like an old lady, but first of all, as a mother, I wouldn't feel comfortable having a 6 foot, male nurse taking care of my kid. Secondly, especially not one covered in tattoo's. I don't care if he was totally awesome at his job, I'd be turned off by appearance. I know, its sad that I feel this way, but I am sure I am not alone on this one. I just wish people would stop and reconsider what affects having all kinds of visible tat's might have on them.
Enough rants for today.