Wednesday, September 19, 2007

HELP, HELP, I feel like Angelina

I hate when you go to the Dentist and they give you shots and you can't feel your face. I just got back from getting 2 fillings and I can't even feel my nostrils. When I smile only 1/2 of my face moves....I feel like a stroke patient. My lips feel like they are huge like Angelina's. Which in any other case, I wouldn't bother me to have nice sexy pout, but I couldn't even enjoy it.
I stopped by the drug store and got some soda and I can't even tell that I am drinking it...slurp slurp, as I check my shirt for dribbles. Tastes good, but I can't even tell. It reminds me of the day I had my wisdom teeth out. My mom asked me what I wanted to eat, since I was still numb and couldn't feel any pain. So what does my dumb ass pick? A bagel...I could have chewed off my lip and wouldn't have even know. Next time...I think soup would be a better option.
ACK...I hate the Dentist.