Sunday, March 13, 2011

Just say no to Bridezilla

If there was one thing that I learned from having being married before, it's being a Bridezilla is not worth it. I wasn't really a bridezilla in my 1st wedding planning trip, but I am really determined to not be one this time either.
Every little detail is not important and doesn't require a lot of stressing over. The only thing that i have been having a hard time is choosing a reception site. I don't want to be a cheap ass, but I also know that spending a lot of money is totally not worth it. Its a wedding, our wedding, not the party of the century. It should represent the people that we are. If we had a backyard large enough, we'd have a BBQ, that's the type of people we are, laidback/carefree. The only thing that is 100% and booked is the wedding chapel we are definitely getting married, but the reception is still up in the air.