Wednesday, September 30, 2009


There are just days when my job is just SO hard. I feel overwhelmed by the amounts of things that need to be done in an 8 hour period. How is it that I can successfully pass meds on 60 patients on the long term care side and leave work on time, feeling good about myself and my skills, but never feel like I am gonna make it on my own floor where I only have 25?
I quite literally ran my ass off last night. I wore my pedometer and I had walked 7200-ish steps, which translated to roughly 2.5 miles. My hall/floor is not that big, its one long hall that has 16 rooms. And within just those rooms and my hall I managed to walk THAT much. At about 6, I start to get into panic mode because I feel like I am never where I think I should be in order to get out on time. Mind you, I NEVER get out on time. I see lots of OT in my future. I know it will get it easier and it will take some time to get used to, but right now and after days like last night, it feels like I never will. I can't wait for 2 days off!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I want to be happily confused

After working in the nursing home for a little over a month now, I have seen all kinds of people. When it is my time and I am old and have dementia...I want to be one of those people who is happily confused. They are the easiest ones to take care of and who seem to be doing well. They just often need a little direction and are on their way. That's how I want to be.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

They say the darnest things...

Being nurse in a nursing home has lead me to hear all kinds of funny stuff from the residents. I have been jotting them down since I started working. Here are a few:

After trying unsuccessfully to get a patient to take their meds, I heard them say "coax me and maybe I'll think about it".

Another patient has said multiple times "when I get outta here, I'm gonna put on my robe, grab that microphone and tell my story, cuz Jesus saved me."

Another patient had a doll on the bedside table for a few days and I inquired about it, the reply was "that's ugly, isn't she UGLY, that's why I named her that, cuz she's so ugly, I'm gonna put her in the ugly farm.".

Sunday, September 20, 2009

I want the courtesey wave DAMN it!!!

This has long been one of my biggest pet peeves and nearly throws me into road rage, but if I kind and courtious enough to let you out I expect a courtesy wave! If I don't get one, I regret letting you out in the 1st place and am tempted to RAM your car. I don't have to let you out of the shopping center, the bank or starbuck's, but I do because I am not usually in a hurry to get anywhere and...its a nice thing to do. If you can't wave because, you have one arm...then give me a head nod. It is the least you can do!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I dream...

Of babies, unfamiliar oceans, distant places, quiet and a ring...

The curse of the family...

Today was a good day at work...until families came in. I have dubbed what I call the "curse of the family", a major problem for me today. My patients were all just fine, until family came in. No issues, no complaints, a smooth day. Til', I had bitching husbands, crazy kids and over the top complaints.
Why do families bring this out in people? I mean they were fine, until they showed up and now there is nausea, chest pain, anxiety and various other illnesses that come along with their visits.
I was having a great day...a busy day, but a great day until the families came to visit. Even when I was in the rooms, the patients were fine, it was the families flagging me down, listing off complaint after complaint from the patients. When I'd ask the patient, there wasn't anything wrong...or the problem was much smaller scale. It was so ridiculous!
I think that family visits are great and they should have their concerns heard...but in the cases today, they were just making things why worse. Argh...I can't wait to start on midnights...and then I won't have to see too many family members.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

My family is so hillbilly...

So yesterday my cousin got married (another blog to come on THAT soon) and as usual it was a family affair.
My Aunt Nancy comes in just bitchin'. She's complaining about the drive, the place and most of all her shoe. Her shoe was about 30 years old and broke when she got out the car. Not the heel, but the sole at the toe separated from the shoe. It was bad enough that it happened, but she had to point it out to everyone and then was proud of how she managed to scotch tape it together. She's so hillbilly. I am surprised that my uncle didn't have duct tape in the truck and she could have made her shoe all purdy.

Monday, September 7, 2009

A day of my life as a nurse

So my workday on Saturday was interesting to say the least. It was a crazy day and was the first time since I have been there that I didn't "love" it. It was too much work for one person to handle and I felt like I was drowning.
The worst part of my day was one patient in particular and she drove me crazy. I got to play mediator between her and her roommate for the biggest part of the day. One was accusing the other of assaulting her in the middle of the night and turning off her TV. As the story goes, she said that her roommate came over in the middle of the night and turned off her TV and then swiped her on the foot. She proceeded to go on to tell me that no one did anything about it and she was afraid to go to sleep because she was afraid that she would be assaulted again. As I heard the story...not only once, but 3 times that day it got a little more elaborate. Each time the story was told and retold, the roommate behind the curtain vehemently denied the incident. She did admit to turning off the TV, but did not touch her roommate. All I heard all day was, "I didn't do it", "I didn't do it", eventually I had to intervene and tell her that I had heard enough. Quite honestly, I believed her. I believe that after she turned off the TV, she might have lost balance (because she is unsteady) and touched her foot, but by no means assaulted her.
All day long, I heard the story repeated by the "victim". I told her that I wasn't working at the time and couldn't bear witness to the situation. I explained that all stories have 2 sides and this was a she said, she said thing. I wasn't going to judge either side, but would do my best to get the roommate moved.
Seriously, later on that day, I heard her on the phone to someone saying that no one cares that she's been assaulted and everyone must believe her roommate because she keeps getting all of the attention. Mind you, the roommate put on the call light 3-4 times that day for various reasons and was attended to. I was SO mad at the lady on the phone. I wanted to grab the phone and explain what was going on to whomever she was talking to...but didn't because I am a professional. She was such a pain all day to deal with. Eventually, I got the roommate moved and she was quiet. Sadly, I felt for the roommate because I feel like she got deal a bad hand in the roommate department, but I was also relieved to not hear them bickering any longer. was a tough day.