Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Get it out of me already...

Ok maybe it is psychological, but maybe it isn't. Ever since I went to the ER last week and found that I had Gallstones. I just want to get it out.
It gonna be more trouble that its worth! Last night I was awoken out of dead sleep and felt like a golfball was lodges underneath my ribcage. Not only that, but I wanted to puke so bad, but couldn't. I hate when all you ever want to do is barf and the task seems impossible. UGH.
I don't meet with the surgeon until the 13th and I supposed that it will not be scheduled until about a week or 2 after that. Man, I need my nights back. Cut me open and get that sucker outta there!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Confession of a Shopaholic...with a Credit Card Problem

So last night I decided that it was time to have confessions of a Shopaholic with my husband last night. The stress of having a credit card was more than I could handle and I needed an I staged one for myself. I imagine if I were catholic, it would kind of be the same thing. I had to confess all of my charging and shopping sins and pay the price. We are living the American dream...debt! Well the stress was eating away at me cuz I felt like we weren't getting anywhere...DUH, when you use your cards how do you expect to get ahead. Well have months and months of paying them and not feeling like I was getting anywhere. I confessed my sins and gave all of my cards to my hubby and told him to do whatever he felt necessary. I heard the clip, clip of them as he snipped them into pieces and listened tearfully as they fell into the wastebasket.
I wasn't upset because he cut them, I was more upset because I felt embarrassed about the whole thing. Embarrassed that I preach to him about paying the bills, but managed to run up the cards that I have. Embarrassed that I needed to tell him I need help. Embarrassed that I can't control myself with shopping sometimes.
Now that the cards have gone in the garbage...I have opted to start fresh. I created an excel spreadsheets and labeled it Amy's get out of debt plan. I calculated all of the income I expect to receive on a monthly basis and divided it up accordingly. I've even managed to save a little with my plan. Now the tough part...sticking to it! I can do this...I HAVE to do this or there will never be a light at the end of the tunnel.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Feeling out of place...

So Chris and I went to Chicago on Friday for his annual company work party. Its a semi-formal affair and people usually dress up in suits/ties and the ladies usually were their little black dress or some form of a dress like that. This year the party was at the Ritz Carleton (fancy schmancy) and it was fun. The food was fabulous and the after dinner entertainment was very....well entertaining. Selective Recall the fabulous 80's cover band was very fun to watch. All down to the white blazers and back combed hair, it was pretty fun.

Well if you haven't been to Chicago, you should know that bars there close at 4 am (a nice change i might add), so after the party we decided that we wanted to go to a bar. I wasn't much in a mood of changing out of my party clothes, so my hubby, myself and another friend of ours Paul all went dressed as is. Everyone else changed into something more comfortable, which was most jeans. We all decided to meet a place called the Broken Bottle to see this great LIVE band that was playing. We hop in a taxi and tell him take us to the broken bottle please...and he says "are you sure you wanna go there"? **that should have been our 1st clue, but we said yes let's go. So $20 later in a cab and $12 cover we're in like flynn. Well lemme just tell you, I was so out of place. This club was freakish city. I looked like June Cleaver at a Rave (pearls and all). THe music we paid $12 for was much less than desired (if you are into screechy electronica, you'd love it). I felt like I was getting stared at like I am sure the freaky dressed peeps do everyday. How funny that I was on THEIR turf. All in all the badness of the music and the drunkness of my friends, made the night enjoyable.
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On the way home we even managed to cram 7 people in a cab. Even better, the cabbie was like sure I'll take you all. Oh crazy times. I was beat at around 2 am and the rest of our friends went to another bar...i wonder what happened. I was totally reading the back of my eyelids.
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