Wednesday, August 22, 2007

How is it all gonna end

So we were having a semi-discussion in chat yesterday about the world ending and it got me thinking. Thinking about what I really think is gonna happen. Here's my take:
I think that despite the common consensus, we are gonna be around to see it happen. If we don't, then we are likely to have fallen victim to some other type of "natural disaster", so that's why we aren't around to see it.
I am thoroughly convinced that depending on how long we live, we are all going to get some type of cancer. Sometimes, it might kills us, sometimes, it will just kick our asses.
I do believe that with the increasing amount of craziness in the world, something is going to happened to all of us. Like we'll burn up because its gets so darn hot. Or we'll turn into savages that fight over a piece of fruit. Or we'll all drown because the lands flood. Whatever it is, it freaks me out a little and gets me thinking. Should I start hoarding canned foods? Should I start hoarding bottled water? And if I do, why would I want to live anyway? If the world is ending, what is there to live for? So I can get battered by a hurricane or swept away by a flood. No wonder there are so many crazy's in the world. Maybe the right things to stock up on would be Prozac and alcohol.
The thought of it all makes me nervous about having kids? Do I really want to bring kids into this craziness? Can I make a difference in all of the wrongs we have done to make it seem better than it already is? Don't get me wrong, I REALLY want to have kids, but the thought of all of the world ending makes me afraid for them.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Listen to the rhythm

of the pouring rain...for like 4 days now. Our lawns are in some serious/desperate need of water, but this gloom is getting pretty depressing. I have no motivation...I just want to sleep. I hate driving in the rain, especially when its dark. I can't see for shit, my wiper blades are a total piece of crap. People drive like total tards when it rains. Man I am bitter today.
The good news is my fried crispy lawn, might actually turn green. The bad news is...then I'll have to mow.

So I had an bizarro interview yesterday afternoon. I am in a serious need of a waiting table job and I have been sending out my resume all over the place. So I saw a place listed on Craigslist this weekend and I sent my resume. I called yesterday to see if they had gotten it and the guy says maybe...can you come in for an interview. So I go (left work early too), I fill out an application. The guy looks at it, asks me if I have a job and I say yes. I am an office manager of a heating and cooling company. Well...ok he says, I'm really busy, if I don't call you by me back.
It was so weird. So what if I have another job, if I didn't need this one I wouldn't be applying...duh. It was just really random and weird. Not that I still wouldn't like to work there, because I really would. I think it would be great. So really, in a nutshell, my interview really wasn't an interview at all. I just filled out an application. I hope they call me.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Everyone wants to be recognized...

But seriously do you need to be recognized every time you do something that you should be doing? I am talking about my hubby here, he cracks me up. Every time he does some housework, its like he thinks he needs a prize. Just last week we FINALLY cleaned up his work area in the basement that has all of his tools and miscellaneous junk. Well its on the opposite side of the basement and it took me a few days to notice, but when I did, I was like nice work on the area in the basement. He was all like, I was wondering when you'd notice. ROFL.
We had company for dinner last week (it was his invite) and he was off work all day before they came over. So he picked up the house. First thing when I walk in the door...did you notice how clean the house is? Yeah nice job, do you want a cookie? You did some housework...welcome to the club. Do you seriously expect to be recognized every time you vacuum or clean the toilet?
It cracks me up. It slips my mind I guess, because it seems so menial.
I do like to be praised for the great job I did on my organizing the basement or for how wonderful I've made the flower beds look. But I don't expect anything when I do the dishes or clean the bathroom...its part of life, its part of owning a house.