Monday, November 7, 2011

Over the a store

In my 20's, I always thought that it would be super fun to live in small downtown area and live above a store. As I am getting older, I can't even imagine what it would be like now. Where to park? Where to take out the animal? The noise? Omg, I am turning into such an old lady!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My $1000 dogs

After a lovely brunch outing on Sunday, my husband and I came home to something messy. The day before, we had just purchased some mouse poison to help us get rid of the mice that messing up my lower kitchen cupboards! Since our 2 cats have gotten lazy and decided to hideout upstairs we needed to do something.
Well to make a long story short. The little dog, Stewie is the "bad" one and I am sure he is the that got into the poison. He tore the box open with his little teeth and got out the cellophane wrapped block of poison. And I assume my older bigger dog Bella, who is the "piggy", saw that Stewie had something to eat and swooped in and ate the rest of it.
I saw the ripped package and little bits of the green colored poison on the carpet and I panicked a bit. They were both acting normally and we let them outside. I immediately got online and looked up the Tomcat company (the maker of the poison) and called them. They have a poison control. They stated that this is neurological poison and there is now Vitamin K antidote for it and that I needed to take them to the Vet. I first needed to find out which one ate the poison, of if they both did. I had to induce vomiting....that should be its own blog. 1 Tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide for Stewie and 3 for Bella. Not an easy feat I tell you. Within 10 minutes Stewie puked up "green" vomit. He ate the I suspected. Bella on the other hand took the peroxide like a champ and got super squirrelly. It took her a good 20 to 25 minutes to puke. Eww...lots of puke and it was bright green! So they both ate it.
Off to the emergency vet we go.
Upon arrival the 24 hour vet is gorgeous, nicer than most doctor's office's than I ever been in. We fill out the forms and wait to see the Dr. They individually take both dogs into the back and get "vitals" on them, which are normal. It was explained to us that they both had some hypersensitivity and dilated pupils. But both symptoms can be explained by the dogs being in a strange place. The Dr. explained the protocol for dogs eating this type of poison and it requires 3 doses of activated charcoal for each dog and 24 hours of monitoring for any signs and symptoms of any neurological changes, because this particular poison has no antidote. Feeling guilty and nervous, we agree. The vet techs bring in a "quote" for treatment and it was a whooping $1475 and that was the low end. The upper end was double that, and that was dependent on how the dogs were doing and if they required CPR or any IV fluids. We had to decided if we even wanted our dogs to have resuscitation? My thought was seriously? This is a dog were are talking about. We agreed to check "yes" though as these doggies are like my babies. A 75% down payment was required to even keep the dogs. Ouch! I was willing to put it on a credit card, but Dave said we should just pay for it with our savings. Bye Bye, wedding money. Thanks for the wedding gifts everyone...we just spent it on a ER visit for our dogs! Ugh!
The next day I received multiple calls from the Vet and other vets in the area. A different doctor stated that they did some more research with the ASPCA and they think that it would Be advisable to keep Stewie for another day just for monitoring and 3 more doses of activated charcoal. My heart and my pocketbook sank...I can't afford this. I called multiple vets in the area to see if they would be willing to do the activated charcoal treatment for Stewie and the one across the street agreed, but also explained how to do it and was willing to do the treatments if I had a problem. So I worried about my babies all day and explained my situation to my co-workers and my "boss" that day let me go home early to deal with my situation. o I was anxious and worried about the dogs and picked them up as soon as i could. When I arrived I had another additional $400 charge. Shit! I paid it and got them out of there. Maybe with my $1845 they can buy a fish tank for their office!
I brought them both home have them back. They seemed just like they normally are. Stewie was a little more high strung than normal, but I think he just missed us. Bella too was a little clingy too. She was up on her hind legs trying to "hug" Dave when he got home from work. I called in off of work for Tuesday to be able to "monitor" the dogs and to give Stewie his medicine.
I am happy to report, they are both doing well and we haven't seen anything out of the ordinary from either animal. What an expensive lesson!

Monday, August 29, 2011

A $6500 wedding!

Well I had a budget and I did some research and more research and more research, to come up with some ideas on my upcoming wedding.
I have been creative and cut some corners in order to come under budget, but a $6500 wedding for 120 guests is possible. 2 weeks to go and I'll post the final details!
I hope my wedding centerpieces will bloom by the time the wedding gets here! Think sunshine! FYI...i am growing dwarf sunflowers.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Just say no to Bridezilla

If there was one thing that I learned from having being married before, it's being a Bridezilla is not worth it. I wasn't really a bridezilla in my 1st wedding planning trip, but I am really determined to not be one this time either.
Every little detail is not important and doesn't require a lot of stressing over. The only thing that i have been having a hard time is choosing a reception site. I don't want to be a cheap ass, but I also know that spending a lot of money is totally not worth it. Its a wedding, our wedding, not the party of the century. It should represent the people that we are. If we had a backyard large enough, we'd have a BBQ, that's the type of people we are, laidback/carefree. The only thing that is 100% and booked is the wedding chapel we are definitely getting married, but the reception is still up in the air.