Saturday, May 22, 2010

When did get so brave?

I went to a Pure Romance party the other night at a friends house and it was funny. When the demonstrator asked for volunteers everyone got all I volunteered. I was asked to lie on the floor and be "the man". I assumed the position of my hands behind my head and another woman (the hostess' mother) was the chick, who was going to demonstrate this "love chair". When she sat on it, she fell off of the chair and on me and just about broke my penis (as I was holding this blue dong). Then the demonstrator also demonstrated with it to show the other ladies the positions that could be done with it. When I got up, I retired my dong and exclaimed "whew I am tired, I just had 2 chicks in 5 minutes!". Everyone laughed.
Near the end of the night they asked for more volunteers and again no one would speak up, so I again took one for the team and volunteered. This time I was demonstrating the door sex swing. It was very weird. I don't think I see a door swing in my future. I don't know when I got so brave, but it was fun. Maybe I have embraced my role as an educator and have just thrown my shyness to the wind.