Monday, February 25, 2008

Such a klutz

So this weekend I was busy getting ready for my trip and I was doing laundry. What fun!
Anyway, I have to wear an apron for work and when i take it to the laundry shoot, Smudge always follows me chasing the apron ties. So I was enjoying watching him chase the strings that I was running around the house, so he could chase me. Well I got tired of playing that decided to dangle the apron by the stairs to the basement and I guess i got carried away and wasn't paying attention and boom, I fell down the small set of stairs. My freaking foot is still killing me. What a fricking klutz, i swear!
Oh yeah and FYI, the karma is back. I got rear ended again this weekend WTF! Good thing I didn't take my car in for repair yet. Geez Louise, I need to take the "hit me" sign off of my car. LOL.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

The wrong way to meet your neighbors

So...I am driving home from work tonight, after having a crappy night I might add and I get a hankering for Starbucks...hazelnut hot chocolate. Its cold, it snowing and after the shabby money making evening I just had at work, I thought that some yum yum's would make me feel better (no wise cracks at the emotional eating please, rofl).
So I am turning into the driveway to the Starbucks that is about 3 1/2 miles from my house and I see this car flying up on me...WHACK! She hits me (not super hard though), it kind of felt like a hit from a bumper car. The first words out of my mouth were "son of a bitch, watch where you are going!". These words of course were said on my car as I was circling the parking lot because she turned into the exit only side of the lot.
I get out of my car and she gets out her car and we survey the damage. My bumper is hanging off a little bit and hers is WAY worse. Her light is smashed out, her hood is semi-crumpled up, its super scraped up from hitting my hitch. She asked if I wanted to call the cops, I said no, because I just wanted to get home and the cops are a pain in the ass. We exchanged info.
As I handed her mine, she was like OMG I live on Roseland too. I am like are you serious...where? She tells me and I know the house because it is almost a carbon copy of mine on the other end of the street.
Small fricking world, huh?
So after we exchanged info, I got my hot chocolate and she went home.
The weird part about all of it, is that I was completely unfazed by the whole situation. It was kind of like, ah well. The girl probably thought I was stoned or something because I was all calm about it. But I wasn't, I was just tired and thinking about karma...Is that what I get for teasing the girl at work that smashed her car last week? LOL. Life's a bitch isn't it!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Just call me Dr. Amy...I'll diagnose you

So since beginning my Psych rotation I have been awakened to all kinds of things around me. I watch how people are and I try to pinpoint what I think could be wrong with them. I monitor their moods and behaviors analyze what I "think" they have. It is so funny.
That was one of my biggest fears about Chris going in to the Psych field is that he would do that to me, but look at me, now I am doing it.
It is so amazing how much "mental health", really affect everything else in our lives. From how to cope with things that bother u, to how we manage our anger, to how we are in general. In some way or another it all is linked together and I never really realized it until now.
I am pretty sure that I have 2 bipolar uncles, who could seriously benefit from meds and learning new coping skills. I am fairly certain that a number of my friends and family are depressed. I haven't pinpointed out any Schizophrenics yet...unless maybe you want to add in some of my co-workers!

I'm not fat...I'm just big boned

So yesterday was my grandpa's birthday and we celebrated like we usually do with a nice dinner and then all coming back to my grandparents house for cake and ice cream. was not just ordinary.
My grandpa got a Wii for his 77th b-day. It was something he wanted for christmas and weren't able to get one, but my mom got up super early a few weeks ago and waited for one at Meijer's. Success!
It was so fun. I have never played with a Wii, it was so much more fun than a regular video game. The bad part it all is that I am sore from playing with sad it that!!!
I really need to get my ass in shape. I wonder if my grandpa is as sore as i am?