Monday, July 20, 2009

Shoulda, coulda, woulda

Why the heck I am such a lazy bum on my day(s) off?
I need to get some motivation.
If all of the scrappy stuff wasn't packed away and I actually HAD some space/place to scrap, I would.
If I had a house to clean, I'd probably do that.
I could go shopping, but that would lead to trouble, because I really don't NEED anything.
I should go to the bank, but that would require me to write out a deposit slip and get out of the house.
I would like to find a good recipe for dinner tonight.
I need to finish my laundry.
I should to get moving.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


So I have been a facebook addict as of late and I have noticed how much my friends and others misspell the word "Congratulations". Is it really that hard? I know that hooked on phonics works for me...but it often mispronounced too, which makes people spell it wrong (or this is atleast what I am hoping...or my friends just can't spell).
I see Congradualtions...all of the time. Now its cute if its pun for a graduate, but other than that its not. Why is this word the worse offender? Maybe people should stick to congrats.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Restaurant Peeves

So I am a waitress, I love my job. But with all lines of work, there are things that I just irk me or drive me crazy.
The other day, I waited on some very nice folks and all was good, until I had to bus the table. They left me kleenex! So gross! I mean I got a tip as well, but they left used kleenex on the table. Not on the plate, or wrapped up in the napkin, but on the table so I has to touch it to clean the table. Grody! Here's a a tip, please don't leave me kleenex (or anyone else) and if you HAVE to please make sure that you leave it somewhere where we don't actually have to touch it with our bare hands to get rid of it.

Keeping my fingers crossed

Well after countless applications and submitting my resume, I had a job interview yesterday. It felt really good and I felt like I did a great job, but you never know. I have thought that before, only to get rejected. So I am keeping my fingers crossed and holding my breath that I get the position.
I am going to be a GREAT nurse, once I can get in somewhere.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Bucket List...

So I was reading an old friend of mine from high school's blog and it gave me an write a "bucket list". I have an old list from when I was in high school floating around somewhere...most likely packed away in some random box. I remember writing it in a notebook. I know that I have crossed off some of the items on the list, so if I have already done them, they'll have an "X" beside them. Someday...when I find th original list, I'll make changes.
Why to make these lists anyway?
For me, I like lists, it gives me an sense of accomplishment to cross things off. It gives me goals to shoot for. Dreams to follow. So as of today here is my bucket list:

1. Be a mother
2. Travel to Asia
3. Learn to knit
4. Learn to sew
5. Eat Oysters
6. Master a forgien language "x" (even though I have forgotten so much of it now)
7. Buy a brand new car "x" I did this is 2001 when i bought my Ford Escape
8. Get married "x"
9. Plant a garden
10. Volunteer with the Elderly
11. Get a tattoo "X"
12. Write a book
13. Skydive
14. Flash someone
15. Buy an expensive pair of Jeans
16. Find spirituality
17. Save someone's life
18. Learn to golf
19. See a professional tennis match live
20. Get my photo taken with a celebrity
21. Kiss under a waterfall
22. Learn to surf
23. Swim with Dolphins
24. Learn to make sushi
25. Take a photography course
26. Learn how to shimmy
27. Travel to Austrailia
28. Learn how to play chess
29. Climb all of the stairs of the Eiffel Tower
30. Compete in a triathalon
31. Ride on a Harley
32. Get a foreign pen pal
33. Travel to Africa
34. See a space shuttle launch
35. Not eat meat for a month
36. Donate money to a scholarship fund
37. Learn to play bridge
38. Host a foreign exchange student
39. Travel to all 50 states

I just posted a new blog page

I love the cherries

Just Say it

Why can't I just say it...exactly what I am thinking.
I want to just say:

I want to marry you,
Start a family
And live happily ever after.

You are the highlight of my day...
I think you are wonderful,
you make my heart smile.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Baby Envy...

OK I am guilty...I have baby envy, bad.

I think it has really struck a chord now that I am done with school and have time to breathe.

A few weekends ago, we (Joe and I) were at an informal high school reunion with some of Joe's buddies and I couldn't help having baby envy.
It started out as just a mild case at first when I was reaching into our cooler to grab a soda and I felt someone tugging on my shorts. So I picked him up and made friends with a the little boy. I had no idea who he or his mom were, but we hit it off great and he became my little buddy for a while. He was cute as a button and was much funner than they adults that were there. Later on, I couldn't resist asking some other complete stranger there to hold her baby too. I don't know what has come over me. I haven't ever really been a "baby" person in my entire life...but I am turning into one. Its way weird...I think that my "clock" is just ticking!

One of my BFF's from nursing school just found out she's prego, I have 2 cousin's that just had babies...I am surrounded by them and I REALLY want one of my own.

Now...what? Maybe I should try to get a job in the NICU...or will that make it worse?

The shoe...

I often see the "shoe" on the side of the road when I am driving and I wonder how in the heck did it get there?
Why is it always just one shoe? Who lost only one shoe? How did it get there?
These questions about the road shoe's have plagued me for years. Anyone else wonder about the shoe's lying randomly on the side of the road?
I fantasize about why they are really they are clues for the CSI people to find or some one was trying to smash that annoying bug and oops, they threw their shoe out of the window. it is weird, but it makes me wonder everytime I see one.
Today I saw a Nike Shox...who would drop/lose/throw a $90 pair of shoes out the window?