Monday, January 21, 2013

Power Outtage

I have decided that each week for one day, I need to be tech free. No TV, no internet, no cell phone internet/games...gasp! Yesterday we had a power outtage that lasted for almost 12 hours. It was nice, so to speak, except that it was 16 degrees outside and windy. Despite the chilly weather, it was a fun day. My husband and I played board games for most of the day. It was nice to just to be able to "talk" to someone without all of the gadgets around. There are days when I love the computer, the internet, the games, the connectivity, but it is nice to not have them either. We have become slaves to them, relying on them for everything! I can't remember the last time I opened an actual cookbook for a recipe. I use my phone for almost everything. It was nice to actually boil a pot of water and not use the microwave. Let's admit it, microwaved food actually doesn't taste that good...perhaps I should just rid of mine. Do remember when your family got its first microwave? I do, it was a huge monster of machinery. My grandparents had one first though, I thought it was so cool! Oy...I am totally dating myself here. I am getting old. Needless to say, having a power outtage was a welcomed day...despite the cold weather. I felt like I had connected with my old life that I had as a child. It was nice to be free of all of the technology. I hope for the sake of being cold, it goes out next time when it is warmer.

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