Wednesday, October 22, 2014

I am a half marathoner!

Cross it off my bucket list...I did it,  I ran a half marathon last Sunday.
I was considering backing out and claiming an injury, but I followed through, all by myself.  The most I had run (or shall I say run/walked) was 4.5 miles and that was just earlier that week.  I came up with excuses all of the time to actually avoid training.   It's too hot, the house needs to be cleaned, the dogs need a bath, I should organize the kitchen cupboards, I should take a nap or simply, my husband is home.  I had the gamut of excuses all summer it not go out and run.  I did however manage to play tennis with a girlfriend from work, so I had some exercise.  I still can't believe I did it.   After I crossed the finish line, I was overcome with emotions that I didn't expect to have.  I almost let out a full cry.  It was more of an OMG moment, I am a half marathoner.  Did I just do that?  Where is my cape, I feel like a superhero.  I remember having that distinct feeling of superpowerdom that I had when I climbed an mountain in the alps.  Despite being exhausted, I felt invincible, like I could accomplish anything and I felt this same way after 13.1 miles.  I didn't get the "runners high", but I caught  myself grinning during the race.  I felt almost elated to run over the ambassador bridge and through the Windsor tunnel.  Who gets to do that cool stuff, me!
So I would definitely do it again and now I have some friends on board who also want to sign up.  Cool, running with a group would be fun, but I'll admit there was something cool about doing it all by myself, I felt like a renegade.   I am woman hear me roar...or groan about my aching legs.
Would I do it again?  Definitely!   Bring it on, I still feel a euphoric sense of being able to conquer anything.

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