Thursday, April 24, 2014

Like going back to old life

A few weeks ago I was meeting a friend of mine to go to a concert. As I was driving there, I was filled with a flood of strange emotions that came over me. I felt as if I were going back to my old life a little as I was driving towards the town that used to live in. It was a strange feeling and I am not quite sure if I can place my finger on a word to describe exactly how I felt. I was envious of the simplicity of my old life, yet know how unhappy I was. I miss my old house, but not all of the work involved getting it that way, nor do I miss the company that I shared in that house. I worried about not feeling like I fit in there anymore.  As I drove past much of my past, I was saddened a little.
The struggle of feeling sad about a time of my life that was so tumultuous and being happy at where I am at now is weird for me.   A small part of me wishes I lived there still because it was a cool place to live, but I would never give up my new life now.

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